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Soapstone Care

Soapstone Care

General Cleaning and Care

  • To maintain your soapstone, use a damp cloth or sponge with cleanser for daily cleanings when needed.
  • Oiling will enhance the luster and the color of the stone, and restore the brand new look once again. Subsequent coats should be reapplied monthly.

Scratch Repairs

  • Most all scratches will disappear with a direct dab of mineral oil. To permanently remove a deep scratch, apply medium pressure to a scratched area with 80 grit sandpaper. A sanding sponge is recommended. The deeper the scratch, the more sanding will be needed.
  • After the scratch has been sanded out, you will need to apply a light coat of mineral oil to the sanded area. The mineral oil application should be repeated 2-3 times over a 2-3 day period to match the coloration of the rest of the stone.