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Marble Care

Marble Care

General Cleaning and Care

  • Wipe down marble surfaces with a damp rag and buff dry with a chamois for routine weekly cleaning.
  • Use a neutral, nonabrasive cleaner (such as acetone, hydrogen peroxide or clear ammonia) for tough stains.
  • Apply the cleaner with a cloth and buff dry

Ongoing Maintenance

  • After cleaning, polish marble surface using a marble polish containing tin oxide.
  • Protect Floors with a stone sealer, and use standard nonabrasive floor cleaners to clean them
  • Place coasters under glasses and put plastic under cosmetics on marble surfaces.
  • Use rugs to cover stone floors

Tips and Warnings

  • Refer scratches of any depth to a professional.
  • Powdered cleansers will scratch or damage marble.
  • Even weak acids such as: vinegar, wine, Orange Juice, or cola can damage marble. Mop up spills immediately and rinse with water.