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Quartzite Care

Quartzite Care

Quartzite is a naturally occurring ever changing rock that, through heat and pressure over time, creates a hard and dense stone with all the beauty of marble. The maintenance is very minimal and requires care similar to that of granite. As with any surface, simple preventative measures should be taken to protect quartzite countertops. Wipe up spills and moisture as quickly as possible, and use coasters, trivets, and cooling racks. 

Quartzite is stain-resistant if you wipe substances up promptly. However, all natural stones can stain if something is left to “soak in” for too long. If you’re struggling with a stain that just won’t come out, you can try making a poultice by combining baking soda and water to form a paste. Spread this paste over the stain and cover it with plastic wrap for up to two days, then wipe the area clean. Repeat the process if necessary.


Sealing is Important:

Although quartzite is not as porous as other natural stones, it still needs to be sealed. A sealant helps prevent liquids from being absorbed. If water were to get absorbed, it could cause a stain or cracks to occur.  

Experts recommend that you seal your quartzite countertops after installation. The countertops should be resealed every year. These seals are easy to apply and keep your countertops looking shiny. The best indication that a countertop needs sealing is to watch the area around the kitchen sink. If you notice the stone darkening around the sink from water, it may mean that a sealer is needed or that the current sealer is becoming less effective. Make sure the stone is cleaned and allowed to dry completely before applying the sealer.


Decrease stains and damage with:


  •   Use of coasters for glasses and mugs
  •   Immediate cleaning of potentially staining substances (citrus, vinegars, wine)
  •   Removal of debris
  •   Use of hot pads and trivets


Tips and Warnings:


  • Do NOT use heavy-duty scouring pads, abrasive cleaners, or bleach on quartzite or any other natural stone.
  • Chemical cleaners such as Windex, 409 and Simple Green will strip the sealer away, leaving your surface unprotected, do not use them.
  • Using low pH cleanser such as mild soap and water or stone-specific cleaners easily found at your local retailer are what we recommend using for cleaning Quartzite.
  • Do not mix cleaning products such as ammonia and bleach together. The result is toxic.